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Twin City Chiropractic

Dr. Tom Nixon was born and raised in Ormond Beach, Florida. He received his bachelors at the University of Central Florida and went on to receive his doctorate degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic. Dr. Nixon has received advanced training in spinal correction, toxicity, exercise and nutrition from some of the largest health clinics in the country including time spent at the Maximized Living Scoliosis Correction Center in Celebration, FL. He and his wife, Marissa, now live in Winston-Salem, North Carolina as owners of Twin City Chiropractic.

As an official Maximized Living Health Center doctor, Dr. Nixon is dedicated to transforming the health of families in the Triad community by teaching how to achieve true healing through lifestyle choices and the maintenance of a healthy nervous system. Dr. Nixon spends countless hours training, studying, and learning the most advanced chiropractic techniques and wellness information to ensure his patients receive the best patient care possible. Dr. Nixon's mission to help relieve unnecessary suffering in the Winston Salem area propels his passion to serve his community by holding free wellness workshops for local businesses, churches, schools, organizations, and anywhere there is a need.


Maximized Living is most well-known for being a part of the Wellness Advisory Council to support Olympic Governing Bodies and their athletes to achieve optimal performance. Maximized Living doctors traveled to London 2012 and cared for 3 governing bodies with USA Wrestling, Weightlifting, and Judo, helping the teams bring home several medals.


From Dr. Nixon: At a young age, I watched as my dad battled type II diabetes, high blood pressure, two heart attacks and underwent a quadruple heart bypass. He was diagnosed with chronic heart disease and was told he would be on medication for the rest of his life. Not accepting this conclusion, my dad sought a natural route through chiropractic care, Paleo nutrition and exercise instead of merely treating his symptoms. After a changed mindset and much work, he reversed his diabetes, heart disease, and came off all his medication. My dad's journey and the impact his loss of health had on my family during that time is what inspired me to become a doctor of chiropractic. I love the opportunity I have to empower and encourage people to reach their potential, both in life and in health, and to provide hope that they are not defined by their diagnosis. Everyday, I want to help another mother, father, child, friend, etc get their health back so they can not only fulfill the life they were called to, but also to help and inspire those around them make healthy life choices.


Maximized Living
Welness Advisory Council for USA Weightlifting, USA Wrestling, and USA Judo