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Evelyn DeDominicis, MS

As a functional nutritionist, I help people identify imbalances at a systems level and support their healing through diet, lifestyle and mindfulness. I use a real food KETO approach - particularly for women with weight loss resistance and hormonal imbalances. For those not drawn to or suited for Keto, I help identify ideal carbohydrate tolerances using a Paleo approach.

I work with clients virtually via Skype and phone and I also have a Connecticut office location. Schedule a free 15 minute 1:1 phone session to learn more at


Hormonal balancing, peri/menopause, Hashimoto's/autoimmune disease, adrenal issues, digestion, candida, mindset, behavior change


I have a Master's of Science in Human (Functional/Clinical) Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport and I also have several other nutrition, coaching, culinary, yoga and energy healing certifications.

I came from a 20 year corporate background, where I led global programs and cross functional teams as a Senior VP. Several years ago, I got the 'inner pull' to transition into a career in the nutrition and healing field. Meanwhile, I went through several of my own health challenges including those I specialize in (above) along with heavy metals, detox, adrenal fatigue, Hashimoto's, weight loss resistance, etc.

After being completely failed by conventional medicine and mainstream nutrition advice, I researched, experimented and educated myself on whole foods ways of eating which led to paleo, ketogenic diets and functional medicine - and I restored my own health. My healing journey and education have led me to pursue continuous formal, functional medicine and integrative health education so that I can continue to help others on their healing journey.


Board Certified American Academy of Drugless Practitioners, Institute of Functional Medicine, Yoga Alliance