Our Mission

The Need:

Despite the advances of modern medicine the pharmo-centric approach has failed to address the complex degenerative diseases plaguing Western societies. “Magic Bullets” for cardiovascular disease, neurodegeneration, cancer and infertility are oddly lacking given our remarkable understanding of the pathogenesis of these and other diseases. Unlike infectious disease, Western degenerative diseases do not lend themselves to simple pharmaceutical solutions. The limitations of modern medicine lie not in a lack of technology or understanding of disease process, but in an epistemological framework consistent with complex biological systems. To be effective, modern medicine must adopt the same framework the rest of the biological sciences have benefited from for over 100 years: Evolution via Natural Selection.

The Mission:

The purpose of the Paleo Physicians Network (PPN) is to provide a simple interface between health conscious consumers and the medical professionals who practice Darwinian/Evolutionary Medicine.

Health practitioners in the PPN share these values:

For non-emergent (life threatening) situations the first intervention for most issues should derive from an Evolutionarily consistent framework including, Paleo Nutrition, sleep patterns, socialization, and exercise which is consistent with the processes which formed the H. Sapien genome.