• Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, University of Oslo
  • Oslo, United+Kingdom

Thomas Wood

I am qualified medical doctor, graduating from Oxford University in 2011. I have a previous Bachelors degree in Natural Sciences and Biochemistry from Cambridge University. I am currently working towards a PhD in neonatal brain metabolism at the University of Oslo, Norway.

I also study the effects of diet on chronic inflammatory diseases, particularly multiple sclerosis. We use systems analysis and causal loop modelling to study the disease system as a whole. This is the only way that we will be able to approach solutions to the chronic inflammatory diseases that plague the Western world, and diet is a key, if not THE key to doing so. In the near future, we hope to apply similar methods to Type 2 Diabetes and the associated metabolic disorders.

I am a rower, runner and amateur strength/CrossFit athlete. Having spent the best part of a decade rowing at Cambridge and Oxford, I became increasingly interested in how nutrition affects athletic performance. Far from the complex synthetic powders and bars I used to consume, I believe true health and performance will come from looking backwards. From the works of Cordain, Wolf and Lindeberg amongst others I have learned that a basic paleolithic diet should be the basic tenet of all "medical" treatment of systemic disease, if we can even be arrogant enough to call it medical. Though I am still a novice in the subject, I hope to bring as much of this knowledge as possible to my future career as a doctor and become part of the large, well-educated group of individuals that do the same.

I am also an experienced rowing coach, and founded a local "circuit training" club for the medical students at Oxford University, based on bodyweight, calisthenics and the basics of CrossFit. I have trained well over 100 students through various aspects of strength and fitness, with some excellent results.

I have also recently started using twitter (@DrRagnar) and am creating a website/blog: