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  • Cape Town, South Africa - NOT THE UK, United+Kingdom

Dr Greg Venning

Masters Degree in Chiropractic 2005, University of Johannesburg, South Africa
Chiropractic Association of South Africa's Excellence Award 2005
South African Men's Field Hockey Medical Officer 2005


These are unofficial specialities since the regulatory body for Chiropractic in the UK does not recognise specialities. So these are my special interests: maximising personal potential (salutogenesis), family practice, sports (performance enhancement), corporate wellness.


As a youngster I was very sporty and was always interested in the human body and improving the way it worked. Before university I was involved in sports - coaching and first aid when I wasn't competing.

I was accepted into university courses in Medicine, Physiotherapy and Chiropractic. I chose Chiropractic because I felt it gave me the tools to improve human performance in all aspects, not just treat conditions.

During my degree I coached and played waterpolo and rugby. I completed my Masters degree in Chiropractic at the University of Johannesburg in South Africa with a special interest in sport and was the Medical Officer to the South African Men's Hockey Team (field hockey) in 2005.

My own experience with training and nutrition started off with standard USDA food pyramid type plans and standard cardio and weight lifting routines. I experimented on my own and with my players and found that their and my results improved with tweaks in their routines that my lecturers and other trainers didn't espouse - higher intensity, less cardio, higher protein and fewer carbs.

Having run two private practices in Johannesburg I decided to move to the United Kingdom in 2007 for more postgraduate education opportunities. I was finding that much of the accepted training and nutrition wisdom that was espoused at universities didn't fit with my practice and sports coaching experience. In the UK I found the same thing.

Studying on my own I've discovered evolutionary medicine, functional medicine and a new philosophy in health care. I don't spend my time diagnosing and treating conditions, I serve people by helping them get well and stay well. I want to work in a paradigm of "Wellness and Prevention" not "Sickness and Treatment."

Now I coach people of all ages toward fulfilling their human potential through eating, moving and thinking in ways that are genetically congruent as well as creating and maintaining sound neurological function through chiropractic care.


General Chiropractic Council (UK)
United Chiropractic Association (UK)
South African Chiropractic Association (RSA)
International Chiropractic Association (USA)