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Dr. Isaac Jones

Dr. Jones is an expert in cellular detoxification, obesity and advanced behavioral change strategies. His passion to become a Doctor that addresses the cause of disease versus treating the effect or simply covering symptoms came when he hit “rock bottom”. In school he couldn’t focus. He was diagnosed with ADHD and Dyslexia and had to take tests in special needs. After trying medications that didn’t get me well under the umbrella of the medical model he went to a doctor that actually transformed his health, his ability to focus and his grades. He received an international scholarship to study in the most prestigious Health and Wellness University in the world – Life University where he received his doctorate. For years he worked in the largest health centers in the world and built his own successful bio-nutritional and detoxification program in a health center right outside Orlando, Florida. Now he speaks internationally as an expert doctor in the New Health Model and runs an online health center as well as educational seminars and retreats serving people around the world. He is currently working with top level executives and celebrities as well as the Royal Family in Saudi Arabia. His mission is to see global health reform take place and to see millions upon millions of people maximize their health and healing potential.


Cellular Detoxification
Lifestyle and Behavioral Change Programs
Weight Loss Programs
Bio-Nutrition (Based off of the paleolithic diet)


Dr. Jones has graduated from Life University with advanced certifications in Cellular Detoxification, Bio-Nutrition and Behavioral Change Strategies. He has worked in the largest Health Center in America seeing over 2500 patients per week and now runs his own online based health center where he can connect with people all around the world.