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Adam Ball DC & Real Life Health

My academic history involves graduating from Clarkson Secondary School in 2003, and enrolling at Wilfred Laurier University (2004) and then McMaster University (2004-2007), where I received my Bachelors of Science with Honours. School didn’t end there as I dually enrolled at New York Chiropractic College in the Doctor of Chiropractic, and Masters of Science in Applied Clinical Nutrition programs (2007-2010).

I met Alex and Rachael (co-owners of Element Crossfit) in 2008 and knew that when I started work I needed to be involved with Crossfit, which took me to a level 1 certification in October of 2009, and to work at Element Crossfit and Crossfit Mississauga in 2010 and the beginning of 2011.

In July I was presented with an opportunity I could not pass up, which took me to Northern Ontario - Sudbury to be more accurate. I own and run two businesses; My Chiropractic and wellness practice, as well as CrossFit Sudbury. At this location I provide the highest quality Chiropractic care which involves upper cervical specific work, activator (gentle chiro) and diversified and drop techniques (traditional "hands on" chiro).

I have had an intense interest in all things nutrition and health related since the age of 17. My Chiropractor took me to many functional medicine seminars where, as I progressed academically through life, I understood more and more. This provided me with a deep understanding of the far reaching effects nutrition can have on health. My goal as a health care practitioner is to make you better every time I see you, whether in regards to your nutrition, the biomechanics of your spine or the execution of a perfect clean and jerk. You will leave my place of business healthier than you were before you came in, guaranteed.


I'm well studied in Upper Cervical Specific, Diversified and Activator methods (all chiropractic adjustment techniques). I have also studied trigger point therapy, PFS and PIR stretching and Graston technique (all soft tissue/muscle techniques). I have taken over a dozen functional medicine seminars, completed a Masters degree in Applied Clinical Nutrition, and continue to further my education with nutritional and health and wellness seminars.


Undergrad: Bachelors with Honours in Science (Biology)
Post grad: Masters of Science in Applied Clinical Nutrition
Post grad: Doctor of Chiropractic


ICA Council on Wellness Lifestyle Science
College of Chiropractors of Ontario
Ontario Chiropractic Association
Canadian Chiropractic Association
Canadian Chiropractic Protective Association