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The Wellness Group

Life By Design is an essential part of transforming the world’s health crisis. It is based on powerful principles that are scientific, logical and easy to follow. Health is your birthright. It is the natural, normal expression of living your Life By Design.

Brain – Body Connection

A good nerve supply is essential to health and life. At the core of all cellular function, from glands producing hormones and stress chemicals, to muscles contracting for optimal performance, to the immune system defending against foreign invaders, to tissues and organs undergoing healing and repair, is the nervous system. Wellness Chiropractic focuses on correcting interference to this delicate and important system, establishing a base of quality communication upon which integration of the other Life By Design steps can be maximized.

Eat By Design

Eat By Design works in harmony with our body’s genetic make-up and design. It is not a diet, but instead an approach to fulfilling the nutritional requirements of the body for optimal function. Based on the ground-breaking work of Loren Cordain, Ph.D, Eat By Design teaches people how to eat to create health, instead of eating to alleviate a symptom or to treat a disease. Eat By Design is a sustainable, enjoyable and incredibly healthy approach to eating for life.

Move By Design

We have clear indicators that our body requires much more and different types of movement than are currently “normal” for the average person. Move By Design is based on 4 parameters: Be Mobile, Lift Heavy, Go Fast, Move Slow. Depending on goals and objectives, each one of these areas can be tailored individually, but they form the basic foundations for optimal human movement, health and longevity.

Rest. Play. Love.

Do you take time for yourself? Do you experience quality, restful sleep? Do you enjoy what you do? Is your life fun? Are you able to give and receive love? Each of these components has an enormous physiologic effect on the function of our bodies. Each enhances our stress chemistry, immunology, healing, energy levels, moods, digestion, happiness and our overall quality of life.

Clearly Defined Purpose

Are you wandering aimlessly or are you anchored like a rock? A purpose is your compass, your map and your horizon. It can focus you, drive you and reward you. Whether it be raising a healthy, happy family, traveling the world giving to others or creating a successful business, the secret to happiness is having a clearly defined purpose.



Dr. Michael Gibson is a Kanata chiropractor and the clinic director of The Wellness Group, a multidisciplinary health facility. He currently practices chiropractic in Kanata full time with a focus on educating and empowering his practice members to live the best life possible through the principles of Life by Design.