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Enlightened Solutions Ltd. (Barb Herbert, C.H.N.)

Unlike a large percentage of fitness and health and wellness practitioners, I possess the physical and emotional experiences to provide the support that you need to succeed at your weight loss and health goals. Why would you go to see a coach who has NEVER had issues with overweight or the low self esteem caused by weight gain? Overweight and obesity are multi-faceted issues, and are not always best addressed by the "exercise more and eat less" dogma.

I want you to learn the truth about weight loss, even though it may defy everything that you thought you already knew about weight loss. I will teach you the truth about food, food labeling, how the food industry markets to you and your kids and how to be an enlightened consumer.

I will encourage you to challenge yourself, so that I can help you by providing the support that you need along the way to continuously move towards achieving your goals and beyond.


While I can set up nutrition plans for all ages and needs, I specialize in weight loss, achieved through returning to the diet that nature intended us to eat. That being said, I do not work with vegetarians or vegans. All of my meal plans contain significant amounts of animal based proteins.


I spent my life, from childhood to age 32, exhausted, ill and unhappy, I set about to find out the truth about weight loss. Previously, I had followed the Canadian Food Guide. I ate the Special K and drank the skim milk. I ate whole grains, fruits and vegetables. I did the “Diabetic Diet”. I did all of the diets… the big ‘diet chains’, the grapefruit, the cabbage soup. I ate all of the 'diet foods'. Read all of the diet books. I soaked this stuff up like a sponge. I lost the weight only to gain it back, plus more, every time. I was over 100 pounds overweight. Something was wrong, and I started to think that maybe whatever was wrong was NOT wrong with me. I started the process of digging for the truth, and I found it.
I also hold a diploma from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, so offer a unique combination of experience and education. My learning is continuous, and includes attendance at industry seminars, hosted by Robb Wolf and others.