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Throughout my life, I've tried to find ways to be my best. Whether it be athletics, dancing, school, or any other endeavour, I've wanted to be the healthiest, strongest, and smartest. In my quest to find this I first arrived at Palmer College of Chiropractic to become a holistic health provider. This path lead me to understand that the body is brilliant, and doesn't need a lot of help. It simply needs to be treated well and respected. True healing is done only by the body, and all the body needs to heal is more nutrients, the ability to properly absorb those nutrients, and less toxins. The Paleo lifestyle fits perfectly with my vitalistic view of the body, and I've seen it dramatically change many lives.
Currently, my husband and I (Dr. Enrico Dolcecore) love spending time outside with our dog, travelling as much as possible, and keeping up on our wellness. We love enjoying life to it's fullest and sharing that with our friends, families, and patients.


Chiropractic, Wellness, Lifestyle Design



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