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Daniel K Tisi, R.D., M.Sc., Ph.D. Candidate

Dan T is a registered dietitian and researcher in human nutrition and dietetics. He has completed a Master’s of Science in Human Nutrition & is actively pursuing a Ph.D. in the same.

Dan T has transformed the lives of thousands of people in Ontario, Canada via his live nutrition education seminars. He is the educational advisor to Tisi Nutrition Technologies an organization dedicated to delivering cutting edge nutrition research to the public & help them to understand & use the information to achieve their goals of health, performance & longevity! I believe that current Nutritional recommendations are flawed & based on poor research & economic influences. We need to reevaluate these recommendations and promote REAL FOOD THERAPEUTIC APPROACHES (RFTA)!

Dan is a former Coed cheerleader and a lifelong practitioner of the Martial Arts. In particular, Karate, Japanese Jiu Jitsu, Aikido and MMA. He coaches athletes in various levels of competition in Martial Arts, Rowing, Football, and Power & Olympic Weightlifting.

Dan lives near Hamilton, Ontario with his wife Nicole and their 2 daughters.


Fat Loss
Mental Health
Metabolic Syndrome
Type 2 Diabetes Management
Ketogenic Diet Protocols


Biology and Chemistry double major graduate who saw the benefits of nutrition first hand in my mother who had Multiple Sclerosis (primary progressive). Went back to school to for Human Nutrition and Dietetics and this lead to a passionate kindling of a research bug that I rode to a Masters of science in Human Nutrition and am currently using to pursue my PhD in Nutritional Biochemistry as well (end by 2015)!

I am married and we currently have 2 beautiful daughters!

I love martial arts especially Aikido & Japanese Jiu Jitsu & although I'm currently swamped with commitments, I am exploring various efficient methods of training for leaning out & achieving optimal performance in Aikido & Japanese Jiu Jitsu.


College of Dietitians of Ontario
Dietitians of Canada
Canadian Obesity Network