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Dr. Bryce Fleming

My name is Dr. Bryce Fleming. B.Chiro.Sc M.Chiro (Chiropractor) Cert II (Fitness Instruction) CF(C1) CrossFit

I have been studying human health and wellness for over 12 years and run a practice based on improving your health not treating your symptoms.

I currently run the largest Paleo based Innate Lifestyle Program in Australia founded by Dr. James Chestnut.
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I look forward to hearing from you and together achieving a better, longer life


Lifestyle Change
Chronic Disease Prevention


My passion and commitment is to improve the health of you, your family and our community. This has allowed us to become the largest Innate Lifestyle Centre in Australia.

The Innate Lifestyle Program is a step by step daily plan for a lifetime of improved health, sustained happiness and a better longer life. It follows the Paleo principles in a easy to follow, gradual implementation based program

You will learn everything you will ever need to know in order to live a life full of energy, free of chronic illness, obtain your ideal body weight, increase lean muscle mass, reduce stress levels and improve your happiness! The program includes constant support and encouragement along with a complete online resource centre.

It is NOT a boot camp, it is not a "quick fix" weight loss program IT IS a SUSTAINABLE program that WILL change your life!

Is there someone in your family that could benefit from a change in their lifestyle?


Chiropractic Association of Australia
Innate Lifestyle Program