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The Musculoskeletal Co.

10 years swimming at the pointy end of Australian swimming, led to a passion for working on the human body and correcting it's myriad of dysfunctions. I've had the opportunity to work with and learn from some amazing practitioners here in Australia and overseas and have tried to take the best bits of what I've learnt to put it into helping you!

Oh yeah... and I do some Paleo stuff too! :)


Relieving pain by restoring natural human functional movement.

The majority of treatment is done solely with our hands and sometimes the odd elbow. Don’t expect a hard and fast approach either.
Each stroke is applied with a specific purpose in mind to benefit you, working at a level deep enough to elicit lasting change. We work in a deep, slow and targeted manner on areas that are restricted and blocked, restoring normal range of motion.
Along with hands on treatment, other modalities such as - dry needling, rock taping, stretching, muscle energy techniques and joint mobilisation can be used to ensure the best result for you.

Hands on treatment is only 50% of the job and in some cases it’s more like 20%. Unfortunately just working on your muscles can’t make them stronger and thats where FST comes in. More often than not, the tightness you’re body accumulates is a result of weakness in other areas. Strengthen those areas and the body won’t feel the need to tighten itself up for support.

Functional strength training gets you moving in the right way at the right time.

It incorporates movements with enough resistance to generate responses, in your muscular and nervous systems. The movements we use are designed to strengthen you for real life human activities relevant to YOUR situation - picking up your child, laying bricks on a worksite, getting through a football season or dealing with the rigours of sitting at your desk for extended periods of time.

Why is it necessary - to give your body the stability and support it needs. There’s no point going through treatment after treatment without changing how your body moves. The body (and brain) loves patterns and will stick with the same old ones without specific intervention. Your body will be more mobile, more stable and most importantly, more resilient to what life has in store for you.

MovNat techniques teaching real-world physical competencies and conditioning based on natural human movement skills, to support a lifetime of physical activity can also be integrated into sessions.



Institute of Registered Myotherapist's of Australia (IRMA)
MovNat Certified Trainers