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  • Port Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne Functional Medicine

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Digestive conditions, autoimmunity, adrenal concerns, health optimisation.


Using an ancestral health perspective, Melbourne Functional Medicine is the modern evolution of natural health care.
With a remarkably sticky support model, that teams your functional medicine practitioner with your own personal health coach, so that you can get the clarity you need, and be supported to ensure you see results.

Jabe Brown (BHSc, MSc, BComm, AFMCP, ANTA) focuses on proving his patients with clarity about what is going on for them, and what they can do to resolve the underlying causes. All patients are teamed not only with their practitioner, but with their health coach Bee Pennington, who provides a remarkable level of support to our patients, so that they can follow through with the change to get the results they desire.

Our patients are from all walks, but we deal with a lot of complex diagnosed and undiagnosed digestive conditions, autoimmunity, and those who want to optimise their health.


IFM: The Institute for Functional Medicine
ANTA: Australian Natural Therapists Association