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  • 103 Old Perth Rd Bassendean
  • Perth, Australia

Dr Luke Smith

I'm a chiropractor, functional medicine practitioner, paleo, health research nut. My practise is based around helping my patients achieve their personal health goals. I'm a coach and partner along your health journey providing chiropractic care, lifestyle advice (with a strong emphasis on paleo eating and doing things that make you content).


Chiropractic care utilising techniques including gonstead, diversified, toggle, drop piece, blocking, activator and muscle techniques.
Functional medicine - I use advanced testing of blood, saliva, urine, stool to assess why you are not functioning well. With this info your journey back to health becomes obvious.


I grew up in Melbourne, Australia, sports mad and interested in health due to my many health challenges as a young child (infections/asthma/allergies/heartburn)
Chiropractor (RMIT grad 2003)
I've worked in over 10 practises in Melbourne, Bowral, Perth, Dublin.
I'm now established in Bassendean, Perth, Australia


Chiropractic Association Australia
Gonstead society Australia
ACNEM (Australiasian College Nutrition and environmental medicine)
Functional medicine university
Kalish Institute