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Dr Janah James


Healthy Eating Advocate

At Greenhill Family Chiropractic we specialise in helping people change the way they eat, think and move and make huge changes easily, one step at a time. We also provides safe, gentle and effective chiropractic care.


Dr Janah's health journey has been happening for most of her life, however only in the past three years has she undergone many dramatic life changes and realisations. She has integrated these and other aspects of her education into her life and helping the mainstream community.
For her, the biggest health changes she has experienced in her life were following chiropractic care: the resolution of debilitating hip pain (for which she was told surgery was the only answer) and the subsequent resolution of chronic cystitis which she had suffered for over a decade.
The last few years have seen the resolution of many other 'minor' health complaints since adopting a paleo lifestyle. Implementing these changes slowly, she was able to see the real influence of different food groups on her health, culminating in a life changing loss of over 30 kilograms.
This personal journey has fueled her desire to spread the word, far and wide about the life many others could easily be living, if only given the correct knowledge!


Chiropractors Association of Australia
Gonstead Chiropractic Society