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Brett Hill

Dr Brett Hill is a wellness author, Chiropractor and co-host of The Wellness Guys and That Paleo Show. He shares his tips in 'paleo living' through his website, his media work (including writing, radio and TV), his wellness seminars, books and podcasts


We specialise in helping people change the way they eat, think and move and make huge changes easily, one step at a time. We also provides safe, gentle and effective chiropractic care.


I was the kind of kid who was sick all the time. I was never incredibly sick but I was never incredibly well either. I used tyo get every little cold that was passing around and I would go to the doctor and get the same medication every time. After a while I realised that if I wanted to get different results then I was going to have to do something different. I started looking at my lifestyle. I gradually changed to a paleo diet, doing more well rounded functional fitness, creating more positive thoughts and getting some regular chiropractic care. I didn't change it all at once but one step at a time and it made a huge difference. So i decided to become a chiropractor. I studied Health Sciences at Adelaide University and then did my Masters in Chiropractic at MAcquarie University and I haven't stopped reading and learning since. I spend a LOT of my spare time studying exactly what we need to do to get the absolute best out of our bodies and our health.


CAA (Chiropractic Association of Australia) - Past President SA branch.