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Dr Paul Reed & Bridge Chiropractic

Dr Paul and the Bridge Chiropractic and Wellness Centers is a family chiropractic clinic that has have been serving the Greater Clark County Region for 13 years. Our state of the art facility is continually being updated with the most current procedures and techniques for maximum recovery in the shortest amount of time. Our approach is to correct the problem rather than treating the symptom. We do this by working with the body rather than against the body to allow for amazing health possibilities. So whether you are an infant, teen, adult, moderately active or a professional athlete our offices are the place for you.


Our specialty is finding the patients exact needs to help them achieve their health and life goals. We do this through three specific components, or what we call the triune of health by evaluating the Neuromuscular, Physiologic and Toxicity levels of the body. We then put individually designed game plan together for you to achieve your health goals.


Dr. Paul has dedicated his life to educating and informing the public about achieving maximum health and wellness through chiropractic care and associated lifestyle principles. Being involved with chiropractic since the age of 13 has given Dr. Paul an abundance of experience. Dr. Paul used chiropractic to help him excel in athletics from peewee football through his career as a varsity athlete in the Pac 10 conference. He owns and directs Bridge Chiropractic, which serves as the greater Clark County region with state of the art chiropractic.


2000-Present Member - Washington State Chiropractic Association
2000-Present Member - International Chiropractic Association