Barnett (Barry) Mennen, MD

Born in NYC, I was interested in human evolution very early on. I spent much time as a teenager walking the halls of the American Museum of Natural History. When I began my medical education, human disease and evolution were never far from from my consciousness. I practiced pediatrics for 5 years upstate NY, but an old back injury from rugby put me in the hospital for six months and ended my practice. I joined the pharmaceutical industry, and spent many years working on drugs for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity and nutritional products. In the early 1980s, optimal nutrition through the study of evolution became a passion, and I was fortunate to attend the 1984 Gordon Research Conference on "Diet and Human Evolution."

When I left the industry and moved to the MD-VA area and became licensed here, it was natural for me to practice paleo, concentrating on weight loss, weight maintenance and nutritional guidance. I live in Maryland, but practice in MD and Virginia.


Weight loss and nutritional guidance. I am board certified, however, in pediatrics.


MD, University of Cincinnati, College of Medicine
Licensed to practice Medicine and Surgery in NY, MD and VA