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Dr. Shilpi Mehta

I consult exclusively virtually through phone consults with patients all over the US. We dig deep to find and resolve stressors blocking the path to optimal health, including: allergies, blood sugar issues, skin issues, digestive discomfort, detoxification, food sensitivities, unbalanced hormones, autoimmunity, inflammation, methylation, nutrient deficiencies, infections, and environmental toxins. Schedule a free phone consult today by visiting the website.

I’m an OD, Doctor of Optometry ADAPT Trained Health Practitioner from the Kresser Institute – the only functional medicine and evolutionary health training company, and Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner. I work with patients in functional medicine using personalized and targeted functional medicine testing, supplements, herbs, nutrition, genetics and lifestyle counseling.

My Story
I have a strong compassion and empathy for those suffering as my husband and I suffered for over 10 years before working with functional medicine practitioners to discover root causes and heal their bodies through lifestyle changes. Inspired, grateful and blessed by the improvement in the quality of life for family – I chose the journey of becoming a functional medicine practitioner.
My practice was born out of the critical need of functional medicine with an ancestral perspective in the United States and watching too many loved ones fall ill to chronic disease, feeling worse, and becoming sicker in the the traditional health care (sick care) model without addressing root causes and lifestyle changes.

Both my husband and I personally experienced great improvement in quality of life combining functional medicine and Paleo/Primal/Ancestral principles to improve food sensitivities, allergies, acne, bloating, eczema, digestion, dental health, fatigue, and pain. We spent over $12000 at 2 visits at world-famous medical clinics without any improvement and unable to offer referrals. However, spending just $4000 over 2 years in functional medicine gave us much more health improvement and started to address the core issues.

After spending over 4 years learning and training from world-famous functional medicine practitioners such as Dr. Mark Hyman, Chris Kresser, Dr. David Brownstein, Dr. Ben Lynch, Dr. David Perlmutter, Dr. Terry Wahls, and many others and applying this knowledge to loved ones I saw how great the potential to help those suffering.

I was born in India but raised in Houston, Texas. I practiced for over 8 years in the Boston area with interests in ancestral health, anthropology, archaeology, and functional medicine. I served as Board Trustee of the Archaeological Institute of America nonprofit and am organizer of the one of the largest Paleo Meetup groups: Living Paleo in Boston.


Gut health, Food and Chemical sensitivities, Detox, Methylation, and Fatigue


I completed training in Chris Kresser’s ADAPT (Advanced Diagnostics and Personalized Treatment) Functional Medicine program with an ancestral perspective and Functional Medicine University. I’m pursuing a Fellowship in Ocular Nutrition by Ocular Nutrition Society and Diplomate with the American Board of Clinical Nutrition (DACBN). I am a member of the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) and have completed ALL 7 IFM modules - Gut, Biotransformation (Detox), Cardiometabolic, Immune, Hormone, Energy, and Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice (AFMCP).

My education includes: BA Classics with minor in Biology from University of Texas at Austin, summer at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, MA in Classical Archaeology at University of Michigan Ann Arbor, and OD – Doctor of Optometry from New England College of Optometry.

My training included a 6 month internship at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute – ranked #1 in Ophthalmology for the past 15 years by US News and World Report.

I presented solo at Ancestral Health Symposium 2013 in Atlanta and Paleo Fx 2014 on ocular health, served on panels at Paleo FX 2012-2014, presented a poster at Ancestral Health Symposium 2012 held at Harvard University, and wrote a book chapter on ancient Indian ocular medicine and disease “Anatomy, Medicine, and Disease in Ancient India: Historical Discussion and Modern Clinical Commentaries of Sushruta’s Ocular Texts,” (2016). In Anatomy and Surgery from Antiquity to the Renaissance. Hakkert.

Additionally, I wrote 2 guest blogposts for Paul Jaminet, PhD regarding the health benefits of fish and a traditional Indian fish recipe.

Conferences Attended
Integrative Healthcare Symposium IHS – New York City February 2014-2019
Institute for Functional Medicine IFM Annual Conference: Gut,Genes,Genomics (Methylation) Austin – 2015
Seeking Health Education Conference SHEICON (Methylation, MTHFR, Detox, Lyme, Mold) Denver 2015, Seattle 2017
Nutrition and the Eye Annual Ocular Nutrition Society (ONS) Symposium – St. Louis – 2013-2015, 2017
Ocular Nutrition Educational Symposium – New York – 2014

Ancestral Health Symposium 2011-2013 (presenting in latter 2)
Paleo F(x)– presented Austin 2012-2014; attended 2015, 2019


Institute for Functional Medicine member
Kresser Institute ADAPT graduate
Ancestral Health Society member
Seeking Health Education Institute member
Ocular Nutrition Society member
past Massachusetts Society of Optometrists member
American Optometric Association member
Weston A. Price Foundation member