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Dr. Chrystyne Olivieri

Doctorally prepared Family Nurse Practitioner from Stony Brook University. For those who aren't familiar, Nurse Practitioners perform equal to a Primary Care Physician. Dr. Olivieri's sub-specialty is diabetes. She has the unique combination of skills of a practitioner and a certified diabetes educator. Being passionate about health, exercise and the paleo lifestyle allows her to educate her patients who seek weight loss and glycemic guidance. Dysmetabolic Syndrome and Diabetes prevention specialist.
Dr. Olivieri currently works in an Endocrinology Practice in Stony Brook, NY


Board Certified in Family Medicine
Also Certified Diabetes Educator, Insulin Pump Trainer for Medtronics & Omnipod
Specialty in teaching the Paleo Lifestyle to those seeking a practitioner who understands this lifestyle. Proficient in helping the obese and overweight to avoid diabetes, heart disease and many other health problems see in our culture due to "Diseases of Western Civilization".


Chrystyne pursued a career in nursing for the ultimate goal of helping those with diabetes. This passion developed after her son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 16 months old. The whole family was then on their way to a very healthy lifestyle with a low glycemic index carb, high protein and healthy fat diet. All leisure time was spent in physical activity as often as possible. This has resulted in 3 fit, lean, muscular young men (including the one with T1DM). Because she has seen the results of a healthy lifestyle in our current social climate of obesity & type 2 diabetes, this translates into her practice and her patients benefit. Discovering the Paleo lifestyle has only reinforced what she has always believed: that a low carb, high protein & fat diet is the way to a healthy body & mind.


ANCC National Certification (American Nursing Credentialing Center)
AANP National Certification (American Association of Nurse Practitioners)
NPALI (Nurse Practitioner Association of Long Island)
Sigma Theta Tao member since 2002
ADA Professional Member (American Diabetes Association)
AADE (American Association of Diabetes Educators)
Currently Full-time Assistant Professor in the Graduate Nursing Program LIU@Post, Brookville