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Jenn Gibbons

I am a holistic/integrative practitioner in NYC and the Lower Hudson Valley. I integrate Chinese Medicine with Functional Medicine to investigate my patient's history and create personalized care plans. I am also a Health Coach who provides a framework to successfully implement my recommended changes.


Traditional Chinese Medicine
Botanical formulas
Lifestyle modifications
Qi Gong / Taijiquan and other martial art systems


I was raised a military brat and had the pleasure of spending most of my youth in asian cultures. This exposure led me toward martial arts and Asian thought. After a personal trauma at the age of 20, I was exposed to the rehabilitative and nutritive world. Traditional martial arts and eastern religion books often reference health, which led me to study Traditional Chinese Medicine in NYC. After completing my Master's Degree, I began practicing in a Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation facility. After a few years I opened my own practice to expand my patient base to complaints outside of pain and stress. In 2012 I began training in Functional Medicine which led me to Chris Kresser, LAc. I am currently training with him at the Kresser Institute.