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Jason Chiu MD

At Sutton Medical we promote a weight loss regimen involving:
-ketogenic diet
-elimination diet
-intermittent fasting
-tight blood glucose control
-lifestyle and activity changes
under regular physician monitoring.

Dr. Chiu is a physician who practices a ketogenic diet himself. He can relate and give insight for better success and compliance with a ketogenic diet. Dr. Chiu breaks down the plan into easy, actionable steps, and gives clients the support they need to achieve their desired results.

Whether your weight loss goals involve a few pounds or a major lifestyle overhaul. we can help you navigate through all the fads and fiction to choose the path that works best for you.


Diplomate, American Board of Surgery
Diplomate, American Board of Preventive Medicine


I'm a surgeon with a background in preventive medicine. I started my private practice with an emphasis on wellness because I want to practice health care, not sick care. I believe prevention is the best medicine and provides the most cost effective, coherent care for patients. I enjoy creating a sense of community with patients and empowering them to make choices that result in optimal health.
More than 15 years experience practicing medicine and surgery, including preventive/aerospace medicine, international medicine, trauma, and urgent care.