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Robert T Floyd MD

Dr. Floyd is board certified by The American Academy of Family Physicians. He is also a member of The Institute for Functional Medicine, where he is currently working on becoming certified as a Functional Medicine Physician. Dr. Floyd has had extensive training in Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Trauma Surgery, and Critical Care and has been working as a hospitalist and Emergency Medicine Physician over the past six years, including holding the position of Medical Director for more than three years.
After seeing firsthand the decline of America's health and knowing that there is a direct correlation between what you put in your mouth and your health, he has decided to focus on functional nutrition to get to the root cause of disease and poor health.


Integrative/Functional/Holistic Medicine
Functional Nutrition
Integrative Oncology
Stem Cell therapy (in the near future)
Regenerative Medicine



American Academy of Family Physicians
Institute for Functional Medicine
American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M)