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Matthew Andzel M.S., C.P.T.

I am currently the lead trainer at X-tra Mile Fitness, a personal training studio located in Cranford, NJ. I oversee all training done at the facility and am a staunch believer that a Paleo diet combined with exercise is the best way to optimize health and performance. Our clients range from age 8 to age 70 and train for weight loss, strength, sports, 5k s, general health, you name it. Along with working as a trainer I am a professor in the Exercise Science department at Kean University in Union, NJ. At Kean University I teach the benefits of the Paleo diet as part of the curriculum.


I help provide nutritional guidelines, diet logs, meal plans, and recipes to help clients keep on track. Along with the diet I would suggest following one of our expert training programs to increase health benefits.


In 2007 I was 6'2" 240lbs, overweight, rundown, and miserable. A friend suggested I try following the Paleo diet as a way to lose weight. I soon realized that the Paleo diet was not a diet but a lifestyle. Over the course of 1 year I transformed my body from 240lbs to a svelte 195lbs and felt like a new person. I credit the paleo/ancestral diet combined with a good training program to helping turn my life around.


Masters of Science, Exercise Physiology, Kean University.
Certified Personal Trainer, National Council on Strength and Fitness
Certified Weight Room Coach, Bigger Faster Stronger