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Dr. Steve Nagel, D.C.-Nagel Family Chiropractic and Wellness

Dr. Steve is the only Certified Chiropractic Wellness Lifestyle Practitioner in Burleigh County to complete a Post-Doctorate degree in this specific area of study. This post doctorate degree follows very closely to the Paleo approach to nutrition, as well as including a movement and Mind/Body approach to health. Through the Post-Doctorate program, Dr. Steve has gained extensive knowledge and experience in pertinent wellness research, patient care approaches and methods to maximize the clinical effectiveness of treatment in the new wellness paradigm. The program emphasizes evidence-based information in nutrition, natural health, wellness-directed physical fitness, spinal hygiene, state of mind and emotional health, as well as effective insights for supporting patient lifestyle changes. “[Graduates of this program] are uniquely equipped to fill an important lifestyle and public health gap in their communities by becoming a sound, authoritative source of wellness-based living strategies.” ~International Chiropractic Assn. President, John Maltby

PEDIATRICS - Dr. Steve has also completed extensive studies in Pediatric Care through the International Chiropractic Pediatrics Association where he has learned advanced patient care approaches for children. This empowers parents to help their children have the best chance of growing up happy, healthy, and vital. This program is state-of-the-art with advanced patient care approaches for children with neuro-sensory disorders and children with common problems that they face each day. Through this program, he has also become certified in a technique specifically designed for expecting mothers (Webster’s Technique).

Dr. Steve has began a "LiveWell Lifestyle Implementation Program" to help patients move towards a paleo lifestyle, over time, learning the intricacies and the "devils in the details." Before lasting behaviors can change, first we must instill a new belief system. By empowering patients through educating them to make the "right choices" instead of giving them a meal plan, practice members begin to systematically implement lifestyle improvements.


Hormonal Problems
Thyroid Disorders
Chronic Fatigue
Disc Problems
Musculoskeletal pains
High Cholesterol
Diabetes/Blood Sugar Issues
Migraine Headaches
Digestive Disorders
Injury Prevention

Pediatric Care
Ear Infections/Aches
Chronic Respiratory Infections
Skin Rashes
Posture Disorders
Neurosensory Disorders
Wellness Care


~Certified Chiropractic Wellness Lifestyle Practitioner (
~Doctorate in Chiropractic through Palmer College of Chiropractic
~In the process of completing pediatric certification through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (
~Former ICU Registered Nurse
~Avid Crossfitter


International Chiropractic Pediatric Association
International Chiropractic Association