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Brad Shook


Functional Medicine and Functional Nutrition for weight loss, chronic and autoimmune health conditions and performance optimization.


Dr. Shook’ has trained and studied functional medicine with world renowned specialist, Dr. Datis Kharrazian, author of the book “Why do I still thyroid symptoms, when my lab tests are normal?” He is widely recognized as a leader in the non-drug treatment of autoimmune conditions, peripheral neuropathy, thyroid conditions, type II diabetes, fibromyalgia, and other chronic pain and chronic metabolic conditions. He has successfully treated many patients suffering from these conditions.
His functional medicine clinic, Functional Endocrinology Associates, is the only Functional Medicine / Functional Endocrinology clinic in the Greater Catawba Valley region that provides Oxygen Therapy, Advanced Diagnostic Blood/Laboratory Testing and Brain Based Neurological Therapy. He strives to stay on the cutting edge of the health care industry and bring the latest in science and technology to the community. Dr. Shook has invested hundreds of hours in post doctoral Diplomate training in functional medicine, functional endocrinology, brain and neurotransmitters, thyroid physiology and pathophysiology, functional blood chemistry, and many other courses in functional diagnostic medicine. Currently, he devotes his practice to treating chronic pain and metabolic disorders.


The Institute for Functional Medicine
American Academy of Medical Legal Professionals
North Carolina Chiropractic Association