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Sarah Marshall, ND

A visionary and pioneer in the transformation of Health Care, Dr. Marshall is the founder of JourneyLust, a health coaching and consulting business designed to empower healers, healthcare providers, business owners and organization leaders to heal their bodies and Live Ultimate Health so they can get back to helping transform their communities and the world.
Sarah's clients have been building their business and organizations at the expense of their health and come to her when they realize its time to invest in themselves to take their vision to the next level.
Utilizing cutting edge medical science, ancient natural remedies, and transformational coaching techniques Sarah supports her clients to shift their daily activities from the world or survival to building effortless habits that will restore health, prevent future illness and leave them free to continue to impact the world and feel healthy, energized and powerful.


Healing after cancer
Hormone balance (PMS, menstrual disorders, menopause)
Hypothyroid Disorder
Adrenal Fatigue
Weight management
Natural fertility enhancement
Preconception counseling


Sarah Marshall received a Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine, a four-year program of clinical sciences and holistic methods of healing and disease prevention from the accredited National College of Natural Medicine. In addition to her clinical studies she completed extensive training in Homeopathy, Biotheraputic Drainage, Applied Kenesiology, and whole food nutrition (focusing on eating grain free, dairy free, and sugar free).