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Donald A Balder, MD, FACS, FASMBS

Completed medical School in 1991 at the University of Illinois in Chicago and General Surgery Residency at Brown University Department of Surgery in 1997. Recruited to South Carolina to start a minimally invasive laparoscopic general surgery program in 1997, I resided in SC for 13 years and preformed the first successful laparoscopic weight loss surgery in 2000. Later, I Developed a nationally accredited Center of Excellence Surgical Weight Loss Program in Conway, SC at Conway Medical Center. I have devoted my entire career to proper diet and lifestyle modification for overweight and obese individuals and have offered and specialized in minimally invasive weight loss surgery solutions for folks that have tried and yet not remained successful with weight loss and improved health. I've strongly recommended the Paleo diet both before and after weight loss surgery for my patients and believe that with proper lifestyle modification success is eminent! I relocated to join the largest most successful weight loss surgery practice in the country - Surgical Specialists of Louisiana (and Mississippi) in March of 2012. We offer individual medical weight loss solutions and counseling as well as state of the art surgical therapies for patients that need a tool for long term success. We also offer biohormonal evaluation and therapy as this is a very important and evolving adjunct to longevity and improving quality of our daily lives.


Board Certified General Surgeon
Laparoscopic Weight Loss Surgery
Incisionless Weight Loss Surgery
Weight Management Counseling and DIetary Support


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