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Dan Baruch

Dan Baruch is the founder of BARUCHealth

BARUCHealth is an organization changing the way people think about health.

BARUCHealth provides health based education in Nutrition, Movement, Self-Therapy and Meditation.

Our programs create a positive total health experience. Our mission is to inspire and enable people to practice the most effective and natural ways of achieving greater health, vitality and performance. We thrive on helping people successfully become superior versions of themselves and transforming our students into teachers and one day activists.


In-Person Manual Therapy & Movement Education
Nutrition Counseling
Online Education
Online Coaching


Dan Baruch was born and raised in the Twin Cities, Minnesota. He is a Communications and Exercise Science graduate from the University of Minnesota and spent extensive time teaching in the Middle East. He finds joy teaching people about his relentless passion for holistic ancestral health, and inspiring everyone to reach their full potential.

Message From Dan Baruch:
I am generally interested in the pursuit of knowledge in the context of our time (era) which we live in and for what I for-see a few generations out. I see the two largest intersecting trends being; cloud computing, enabling the spread of a “global cultural”, and the exponential wild-fire (infectious) spread of what were once coined, “western degenerative diseases”.

With this as my opinion/observation, I am most fascinated with how I can understand better how to harness the power of the web and synthesis the elixir-like exo/endogenous contributions/discoveries made by brilliant researchers and scientists. Undoubtedly we as a global community and within esoteric realms collectively have potential to implement a sharper tool set. A tool-set utilized on the already devastating “tumor like” infection of both the earth and the earth’s inhabitants (in all forms). Step one is awareness. Step two is setting a mission, and step three is deciding on actionable priorities.

Awareness: How we act.
Mission: How we can act.
Priorities: How we will act.