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Medical Concierge Wellness

Dr. Sean O’Mara grew up in Fairfax County, VA. Early on in his career he gained extensive law enforcement experience in police work, including working undercover narcotics .He graduated Summa Cum Laude 1985 from Penn State University and in 1989 graduated from Villanova University School of Law. He practiced for three years as a criminal prosecutor in Philadelphia. Dr. O’Mara was awarded a medical scholarship from the US Army in 1992 and graduated from Temple University School of Medicine in 1997. He trained as an Emergency Medicine physician while in the US Army Medical Corps. While on Active Duty as an Army physician he was selected to provide medical support to President Clinton and Vice President Cheney, three Secretaries of State, other senior government officials, and high-level foreign dignitaries in the international diplomatic community. In 2004, he was recognized as the outstanding physician of the year among all medical specialties throughout the entire U.S. Army and was the first Emergency Medicine Physician to have received this award.
Dr. O’Mara combined his back ground in both law and law enforcement with his medical training to serve part time for three years as a Medical Examiner for the Commonwealth of Virginia while also serving as a sworn Reserve Deputy Sheriff with his local sheriff’s department.
In 2006 Dr O’Mara founded Guardian 24/7 an innovative medical service providing the world's most elite concierge medical care and service to ultra-high net worth individuals and royalty. He individually led the company through a multi-million dollar initial round of capital from a major Wall Street hedge fund. While with Guardian he designed and developed clandestine satellite controlled medical ICU's, private ambulances, ultra-luxury buses integrated with advanced medical capability, and even subterranean mini hospitals with the world's most advanced surgical suites. It was during his six years in Guardian developing this reactive advanced medical capability that Dr. OMara began to realize the tremendous advantages to preventive medicine not understood by the vast majority of people including his uber-wealthy clients. Dr. OMara began to research, explore and innovate techniques for preventing disease.

Today Dr. OMara is the only Performance Optimizing physician in the world using machine learning and advanced data analytics. He works with individuals and corporations motivated to improve outcome through innovative techniques of clinical enhancement. He works with exceptionally motivated individuals such as "C Level business executives, professional performers and athletes whose livelihood is associated with performance. Dr. OMara is a partner within an innovative medical startup in Minneapolis MN called Medical Concierge Wellness which optimizes health. The National Science Foundation awarded Dr. OMara's practice in January of 2016 a grant to reverse chronic disease using data analytics to sort through life style and clinical information including biomarkers, the human genome and microbiome evaluated through a "machine learning" artificial intelligence model. Dr. OMara enjoys speaking with audiences about the dramatic changes within the healthcare system immediately ahead following the inevitable reversal of chronic disease and the considerable advantages which it will bring to individuals, organizations and indeed civilization as a whole.


Executive Health
Professional Athlete Health
Professional Performer Health
Reversal of Chronic Disease
Human Performance Optimization
Interests: Transforming the US from being one of the most unhealthy to the most healthy countries in the world.


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