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Jennifer Bonde

As founder and owner of the BWC (she opened the center in 1998 and now has a staff of 18), Jennifer’s favorite type of “research,” of course, involves her patients themselves. She’s a firm believer in giving them as much background and detailed information about their specific challenges as possible and then encourages them to be a big part of the healing process. “I like to tell patients to make an informed decision, don't just do what is expected of you -- question everything!"

On her blog, - Jennifer shares information about Paleo Nutrition, Health, Wellness, Chiropractic and more.

Main philosophies in life: “Question everything. Make informed decisions. Be kind and loving to everyone. Make sure that people have all of the help, support and knowledge they need to live a healthy and happy life.”

Some of her favorite cases involve: Asthma issues, sports injuries, infertility and more. “I have helped a teenage girl with scoliosis improve her asthma, a young boy with snoring and breathing issues for years get rid of the snoring with one adjustment, helped several women get pregnant by eliminating the subluxation at L3 (level of the spine that innervates the female organs), an infant get rid of colic and improve sleep patterns, helped an older man with quality of life issues when he could not get around the house well because of knee and lower back pain, and, of course, helped thousands with neck and back pain as well as sports injuries.”

On her healthy childhood lifestyle: Jennifer’s mother used healthy ingredients in her cooking. “We were the ones who had the natural peanut butter and wholegrain breads,” remembers Jennifer. “My family was always ahead of their time when it came to a healthy lifestyle. It amazed the doctor when she moved away from home to meet so many who weren’t accustomed to healthy eating habits.

Educational background: Jennifer completed her Bachelor of Science and Doctorate degrees at Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis, MO. She holds a postgraduate certificate in Applied Kinesiology and has completed two years of postgraduate neurology.


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