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Holistic chiropractic care is possibly the easiest, most cost effective, safest and most practical way to get out and prevent musculo-skeletal pain. Having corrected posture and maintaining proper spinal hygiene is important for a number of reasons. Children’s developing musculoskeletal structures are especially vulnerable to postural trauma. Basic facts about sitting. Salli Systems, 2004. Posture affects and moderates all human functions, both consciously and unconsciously, from breathing, to hormone production, to thinking. Lennon et al. Postural and respiratory modulation of autonomic function, pain, and health. Am J Pain Manage 1994 (4) 36-39. Changes in posture, like changes in segmental motion and alignment, change nerve (afferent) flow into the central nervous system. This nerve flow has a tremendous influence on brain activity and global physiology. Increasing the stress and consequently strain in the CNS from abnormal static postural positions will cause an increase in intramedullary pressure, increased CSF pressure and increased neural canal pressure. This causes the exchange of oxygen and metabolic materials to and from the cord to reduce. Perhaps the most interesting finding is that increased strain and/or deformation of the central nervous system after neural derangements or damage will directly interfere with the inherent healing capability of the Central Nervous System. Jiang et al. Spine.

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