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Dr. Zachary Watkins is a 2006 graduate of Northwestern Health Sciences University where he completed his five-year doctorate degree in chiropractic. He practices functional medicine and has board certification in internal disorders and is a board-eligible clinical nutritionist. Along with his board certification and eligibility, he has finished studies in Functional Medicine from Southern California University of Health Sciences, is DAN! (Defeat Autism Now!) certified, and is currently working on his Masters in Nutrition and Functional Medicine from the University of Western States in Oregon.

Dr. Watkins practices health-based medicine by optimizing health through advanced testing and holistic treatment. He believes in the health care model of prevention, and natural methods to address health. Although there are many who believe this as well (and some doctors claim to practice it), it is unfortunately not appropriately administered. As a result, confusion, frustration, and even disbelief all set in with the patient not receiving any answers concerning their own health needs.

With his background and experience, it is the goal of Dr. Watkins to see his patients understand true, optimal health and that the sole responsibility of being well for many years lies upon themselves along with the aided effort and recommendations of a nutritionally-oriented physician.


Specialties include gastrointestinal disorders, female hormone problems, female infertility, fatigue, autoimmunity, and adrenal fatigue.


What is Functional Medicine?
Functional Medicine is the practice of determining what is causing the body to be in a state of dys-function, or what the causes are of various symptoms and diseases. Traditional medical treatment focuses on minimizing, or controlling, your symptoms. Functional medicine seeks to understand why the symptoms are present, therefore laying the ground work for symptom and disease reversal.

How Can Dr. Watkins Help Me?
Utilizing indepth paperwork, history, and previous lab work, Dr. Watkins will recommend more specific testing to get to the root of your concerns. Other testing may include: hormones, stool, heavy metal, metabolic evaluation, and detailed immune system testing.

What Kind of Treatment is Provided After All of the Testing?
Depending on your laboratory results, Dr. Watkins puts together a protocol, or plan, that is specifically designed for you. Because we believe in the body's ability to heal itself naturally, we use research-based natural therapeutics/medicines for treatment, which may include specifically formulated vitamins and herbs. As a foundation, Dr. Watkins addresses your diet and any changes that need to be made. Diet is a foundation to every individual's rebuilding process.


American Chiropractic Association
American Board of Chiropractic Internists
Iowa Chiropractic Association
American Academy of Anti-Aging
Institute for Functional Medicine
Clive Chamber of Commerce
The Gateway Church