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Scott Rennie, DO

Scott Rennie, DO is a board certified family physician, speaker, online writer and TV contributor. He is an avid supporter of the low carbohydrate, high fat diet (LCHF) also known as the Ketogenic Diet. He has helped many of his patients lose weight and improve their health safely.

Dr. Rennie was born and raised in Washington State and spent many of his early years in rural eastern Washington where he developed an interest in the outdoors.

After completing his doctorate in Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery at Des Moines University in Iowa, he finished family medicine residency at Tacoma Family Medicine (University of Washington) and worked at Tacoma General and Mary Bridge Children's Hospital. He was awarded a National Health Service Corps scholarship by the federal government and he practiced in community health for about 3 years.

In 2010, he formally began to fuse his passion for the media/technology and improving health communication and efficiency, with his skills as a family physician.

Scott Rennie feels that practicing physicians can do more to improve patient communication, patient education and access to care. He is passionate about the use of technology in medicine, promoting patient education through reliable and evidence based online and social media sources. He embraces changes which help improve efficiency and increase the time physicians have with patients rather than spending endless hours doing charting and paperwork. Through his blog, social and traditional media channels, he illustrates how technology and social media can help improve patient communication, efficiency in the office and patient education.



Family Medicine, Obesity Medicine, Weight Loss, LCHF, Ketogenic Diet