dana hogan

I am a Pediatric Board-certified physician who has been in practice since 1997. I have always been conservative with medications, and have emphasized the importance of nutrition to the parents of my patients. In the last 2 years, I have been most happy with the results of a Paleo diet for both the extremely complicated and healthy patients.


Child advocacy and general pediatrics


I have always been overweight, and I had my gold key from weight watchers before I graduated high school. I was relatively thin in college since I had very little money, and I worked 2 part-time jobs and went to school full-time. After graduating medical school, I was vegan for two years. I did learn how to prepare my meals in a healthier, more delicious way, but I never felt "healthy," as I thought I should. In 2007, I was placed on a medication which helped me lose 45 pounds. Though I was thinner, I still did not feel healthy and I continued to search for an alternative. My husband and I have now been Paleo for over 1 year. I am slowly losing weight, but, most importantly, I feel great. I am sleeping better and thinking more clearly, and I think I am more emotionally balanced than I have ever been.