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Dwight Jennings, DDS, ICCMO (Medical solutions through Jaw Orthopedics)

Dr. Jennings practices in Alameda and Sutter Creek, California. Early in his dental career he abandoned his large practice in general dentistry to pursue his passion in jaw orthopedics and dental medicine. He is driven by his interest in health achieved through natural means. He invests countless hours every year investigating the connection between poor bites and health.
As a result of his extensive investigations he has developed multiple insightful models that have proven useful in treating a number of medical conditions not commonly thought to be related to how one bites; like seizures, eczema, autoimmune disorders, leukemia, Parkinson’s and other neurodegenerative disorders. Dr. Jennings has uncovered extensive literature illustrating the mechanisms by which compromised bites modulate various systems in the body. These models are invaluable in directing his treatment.
In the past two years Dr. Jennings has undertaken a major project investigating the influence of bite enhancement on the developmentally disabled. Many similarities are being found between the influences of bite on neural degeneration in the elderly and bite impairment in the developmentally disabled. Most recently he has started an Elder Care Initiative, to educate the public and profession as to the importance of maintaining a good jaw relationship in the elderly (see
His practice is composed of a wide assortment of patients, from the young being treated orthodontically with optimal jaw alignment, to a large segment of hypersensistive patients ( a product of long term jaw dysfunction) causing health instability.


Practice limited to jaw orthopedics and orthodontics with application to TMJ, sleep apnea, fibromyalgia, generalized hypersensitivity syndrome, paleo orthodontics, pain management, parkinsons, tourettes, seizures, headaches,developmental delayed children, autism, memory, and cognitive dysfunction. For a more extensive list see


Dr. Jennings has been involved in clinical research for the past 30 years investigating the connection between jaw misalignment and a wide assortment of medical disorders. This has evolved to a very specialized treatment protocol that is highly effective for a wide assortment of medical conditions. This is thought to be due to the influence of bite on systemic "substance P" levels.


American Acadamy of Gnathological Orthopedics