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Christy Allen, L.Ac

Christy Allen, L.Ac (Licensed Acupuncturist) is one of America's most respected practitioners of Chinese Medicine/Acupuncture, a pioneer in Integrative Medicine, and a former Agricultural Economist whose work has focused on beekeeping & pollination, and issues of nutrition and sustainability (regenerative agriculture) in global ecosystems. Through her private practice in Tucson, AZ she provides comprehensive, classical Chinese Medicine diagnostics and treatment, with food and nutrition at the heart of her approach. Details of her work are available at her website:


Body & Mind: Chronic diseases of all kinds, including digestive disorders.
Health promotion: Lifestyle modification, dietary practices that accompany clinical care (customized to each individual.)


M.Sc. in Acupuncture ('95) - National Board Certification (NCCAOM) in Acupuncture, Chinese Herbology, and Oriental Medicine. Over twenty-five years of clinical experience.