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Sara Korzeniewski, RD

Sara is a Registered Dietitian and Health Coach who is passionate about exposing people to healthy nutrition with real food. Sara focuses on using food as medicine and teaching clients to make the switch from processed food to whole foods with ease. She uses evidence based science and not myths or diet fads to make it easy for clients to implement a lifelong lifestyle change for long term health and wellness. Dietitian Sara works with clients out of her office in Arizona and via Skype and phone consultations to help people all over the world. Sara doesn't just focus on diet but looks at the "big picture" to determine an individual healing and treatment plan. Sara gives clients the tools needed to heal from the inside out and establish a healthy relationship with food. She strives to give others the knowledge to successfully balance lifestyle through real food, exercise, reduced stress, and adequate sleep.


Dietitian Sara specialized in nutrition for weight loss, balancing blood sugars, women's health, gut health, and autoimmune conditions. She works with a variety of clients and was formerly a clinical dietitian before starting her private practice. She teaching health and wellness to individuals as well as groups. Every day, she sees the healing power of real food and what people can achieve with nourishing their bodies properly.


Sara has been a registered dietitian for over 10 years. Sara believes that we need to get back to the way we were meant to eat. Getting back to the basics with real food that comes from nature and not made in factories. She believes that most health issues can be tied back to poor nutrition and we simply need to use real food to heal. We can't expect good results if we don't give our bodies the nutrients that it needs. Sara is different than many other dietitians in the sense that she will never tell you to count calories, points, or limit your intake of fat. She will show you how to eat a lot of delicious foods in the right balance to have a healthy relationship with food and never feel deprived.


Registered by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics