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Dr. Yolanda M. Loafer

Chiropractic Physician | Functional Medicine & Neurological Clinician | Health Advocate. I love learning new, researched health information! I came across the Primal/Paleolithic lifestyle a few years ago and haven't looked back since. As a 'Functional Medicine Clinician', I have been helping people -with varying degrees of sickness who weren't getting better with conventional medical treatments-get better and stay that way.
But I am not all business. I love my two pups: Chase and Chloe and my two kitties: AJ & AYA. And I love the southwest mainly because it is close to Cali :) and the ocean! I am also a social media addict because I am so excited to spread the newest news about all things health. You can follow me on Twitter, FB, G+: DrYolandaLoafer!


Functional Nutrition: based on blood tests and assessment forms
Functional Medicine: training from the University of Bridgeport/Apex Energetics/Dr. Datis Kharrazian
Functional Neurology: training from The Carrick Institute of Graduate Studies
Manipulation Under Anesthesia: training accredited from New York Chiropractic College
Small Pain Fiber Conduction Certification


My health obsession began in high school and has continued to this day. I attended the South Dakota State University with undergrad in health, attended Parker University in Dallas and became a chiropractic physician in 2009. During the second year of chiropractic school, I began attending an advanced graduate neurology course via The Carrick Institute of Graduate Studies. I fell in love with it immediately and have been using neurological applications in my practice on a daily basis. Upon graduation, a teacher of mine Dr. David Clark introduced me to functional medicine and taught me Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis. I continued with all of the Functional Medicine Modules including: Mastering the Thyroid, Neurotransmitters and Brain, and many other trainings offered by Apex Energetics and Dr. Kharrazian.


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