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Leslie Gray is a Licensed Acupuncturist since 2004 and was trained in CA and in Beijing China. Leslie worked 19 years in surgery in 5 states TN, TX, AZ, CA and MT at top teaching universities and trauma centers as a Surgical Technologist and Surgical Assistant. In 1991 she was stuck in surgery with Hepatitis C and in 1996 she was positive. While working at a hospital in TN 12 others were HCV positive and did the Interferon and Ribavirin therapy for one year and 10 said they would never do it again. Instead of a bad treatment, she began looking at natural herbs. She grew up in Canada on an Indian reservation where her grandmother treated all her family with herbs and freshly grown foods for illnesses.
She began with dandelion root and milk thistle to treat the liver. She moved to CA and learned surfing and twist her ankle in the surf. Instead of going to the doctor for pain medication she tried acupuncture. The Acupuncturist said he could treat the ankle but there is some liver trouble. He treated both at that time. His partner was a liver cancer MD from Nanjing China doing liver cancer research with San Diego State University. She went to her and became well with acupuncture and Chinese Traditional Medicines. This inspired her to go to school to learn the oldest medicine on this planet. She has studied with Acupuncturist from all over the world and top styles of acupuncture like Balance Method, Master Tung and auricular therapy with the best results.


Balance Method learned from Richard Tan. Master Tung work learned from Dr. Young, and Robert Chu. Auricular Therapy learned from Dr. Huang. Orthopedic Acupuncture learned from Dr. Gu. Cosmetic Acupuncture learned in Beijing China.
Acupuncture treats the entire body for all symptoms and illnesses.
Much success has been had for low back pain, neck pains, shoulder, elbow, knee and foot joint pain relief with acupuncture.
Cupping is a modality used to treat muscular tensions.


I have lived in 9 states and seen 46 states. I grew up on the East Coast and moved to AZ in 1979. Married a military man and worked in surgery. I got HCV through an accident in surgery and found acupuncture to be the best medicine ever. I have always been a helper in this life.